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 Elite Residences Concierge

Concierge Services Coachella Valley

Using a home concierge service to check on your home during extended absences is crucial for several reasons.


We ensure the security of your property by having someone regularly inspect for any signs of intrusion or issues, minimizing the risk of theft or damage.


Our professionals can perform routine maintenance tasks such as watering plants, collecting mail, adjusting lighting, or regulating temperature, preventing potential problems like dead plants or burst pipes. Additionally, our presence provides peace of mind, offering real-time updates and immediate action in case of emergencies, thereby safeguarding your home and belongings while you're away.


Our service packages include a regular check of the home's perimeter including doors, windows, and any other entry points to the property.

Protect your Investment

Absentee homeowners can have peace of mind knowing someone is checking plumbing, landscaping or any other items that can suffer wear and tear in the brutal desert summer heat


From client arrival or departure preparations, scheduling or supervising any repairs or emergencies you may have, our aim is to be here for anything you may need.

Licensed &

You aren't asking a friend to check on your property.  We will adhere to a prearranged schedule, provide you with feedback, have recommended vendors.   We carry insurance incase anything happens during our visits.

Why Choose ERC

Our Weekly Service Packages Include




  • Landscape generally looking healthy and well

  • Pool generally clean and maintained

  • Outdoor furniture in good repair

  • Fences, walls, gates working and in good repair

  • Windows free from damage

  • ·Home and garage doors secure and free from damage

  • Check mailbox for mail, packages and newspapers

  • Check for visible signs of pests or critters

  • Check for visible signs of leaks or running water



  • All windows checked to be locked and secure

  • All doors checked to be locked and secure

  • AC/Heat is working

  • Run water faucets and flush toilets

  • All appliances on and running

  • Check for visible signs of pests or critters

  • ·Water plants

  • Check for visible signs of leaks or running water

  • Flush toilets

  • Sort packages and mail

Additional Services
  • Arrange for house cleaning

  • Refrigerator/Cabinet stocking

  • Fresh flowers

  • Window washing

  • Car upkeep

  • Maid services

  • Managing repairs or deliveries

  • Manage contractors

  • Airport pickups

  • Emergency calls

  • Dry cleaning / Laundry services

  • Did we miss something? Just ask!

Satisfied Customers

“I wasn't fully aware of the potential problems I could have leaving my rental property locked up for the summer.   Luis made me aware of potential problems and provided a reasonably priced solution”

David Scott

“I subscribe to the basic monthly package and feel very at ease when I leave. for the summer"

Amelia Banks

“Luis is very responsive.”  I needed add on services one summer, and he responded quickly and went above and beyond in his services."

Kenny Stutes

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Service Areas:

Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, entire Coachella Valley 


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