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About Elite Residences Concierge

Our real estate concierge service was initially founded by a visionary real estate agent who identified a vital need among clients acquiring vacation homes. Today, it's seamlessly transitioned to a local individual dedicated to upholding the legacy of exceptional service.  We prioritize delivering unparalleled care, catering to the unique needs of homeowners, ensuring seamless property management, security, and maintenance, thereby allowing clients to enjoy their vacation homes worry-free.

Our Process

Engaging with a home concierge typically begins with an initial consultation where you discuss your needs, preferences, and the duration of your absence. During this meeting, you'll outline specific tasks or services required, such as security checks, maintenance, or mail collection. The concierge may offer suggestions or packages tailored to your requirements. Once an agreement is reached, scheduling and access arrangements are established. Throughout  service period, communication is maintained, often through updates or reports after each visit, ensuring transparency and addressing any arising concerns promptly. The process involves collaboration, clear communication, and a tailored approach to meet your home care needs effectively.


Our Quality Guarantee

A home concierge who lives locally possesses invaluable knowledge of the area, its resources, and potential challenges, enabling us to swiftly address any arising issues specific to the neighborhood.  Additionally, our proximity ensures quick response times in case of emergencies, guaranteeing immediate attention and action whenever necessary, enhancing the security and maintenance of your home while you're away.

We have a comprehensive vendor referral list providing a network of trusted professionals for various home-related services. This list ensures quick access to reliable plumbers, electricians, cleaners, and other specialists, enabling prompt resolution of any maintenance issues that may arise during your absence.  Having established relationships with reputable vendors also ensures quality service and peace of mind in managing and maintaining your home efficiently.


The insurance coverage of a home concierge service is crucial as it offers protection against potential liabilities that may occur while overseeing your property. It provides reassurance and financial security in case of unforeseen damages, accidents, or losses that might happen during the concierge's operations, ensuring you're safeguarded from potential liabilities.

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